Special Editions

Once Katharina Stumm has your address in her address book, you will be surprised out of the blue with mail


I'll not tell you the story of my scars This series is a front and back. The frames of the pictures of one side are sewn to the other side. Dreaming of the beautiful places Your own peaks, the steepest Balance

Schere, Stein, Papier – EN

Katharina Stumm creates new approaches to existing rooms and creates new fragile walls out of paper. A space-taking, top and bottom, front and rear twisting construction that is specially created for the space of the Small Old Town Gallery is created by the cooperation with the Outer Circle.

Die Welt nun – EN

The world now is an attempt to unite the world taking place simultaneously in the photos taken in China with that of the Galerie Au in Munich.

respond -EN new

In a space that screams against a bygone era, the artist has
silent course of time with light and shadow. She followed the wandering shadow with strips of paper and woven a cloth that then, hung up her own dance
with light and shadow.

Der Himmel der gleiche EN new

Abbildung Der Himmel der gleiche

The sky of the same is a further series, again and again the artist takes up this theme. Sometimes the horizon is clearly separated, sometimes the blue of the sky pours over the whole leaf.

Carte blanche – EN new

Abbildung Carte Blanche Installation. Von der Decke hängende Papierbahnen

With the installation Get your Sequence, Katharina Stumm presents her diploma exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, class Gregor Hildebrandt. The expansive paper work stretches from the ceiling as a woven open space. The different heights of the fragile walls blowing in the wind allow access. On an adjacent bench there are five books that represent an archive of over 1000 postcards that the artist sent to friends, acquaintances and acquaintances in the period from 27.04.2015 to 7.7.2019.

Mediterranean to modern EN

Kunstwerk Staedte mit Flüssen

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Life, from childhood to old age, Ernst Jandls in pictures.
From the illustrated biography about the poet, "a komma punkt ernst jandl – Ein Leben in Texten und Bildern" the motifs are selected and extracted. By acting, censoring and adding, new texts are created without words, "JandlKommaStumm".

Get your Sequence EN new

With Get your sequence If you regularly get a card, a small work of art, a unique piece in the mailbox In Get Your Sequence, as a large lifetime project, postcards are created almost daily, which are sent as a greeting from the momantanen (life) point of view of the artist to interested ones. By […]