Mediterranean to modern

From a book about architecture of the 50s in California, "Meditarranean to modern", the motifs are selected and extracted. When dreaming of the beautiful places, the Mediterane can be brought to California and yet the places are always seen differently, not the place, the architecture is decisive. Katharina Stumm intervened, made journeys and in the end packed the spatial into a portable two-dimensional image.
It remains the idea of architecture, but the idea of space as in a dream, slightly changed, a skepticism towards reality arises, how bewitched it feels


Ernst Jandl’s life, from childhood to old age, in pictures.
The motifs are selected and extracted from the illustrated biography of the poet, “a komma punkt ernst jandl – Ein Leben in Texten und Bildern”. New texts without words, “JandlKommaStumm”, are created by intervening, censoring and adding.