Get your Sequence

Berlin Front 2020

Mit Get your sequence regularly get a card, a small work of art, a unique piece in the mailbox


In Get Your Sequence, as a large lifetime project, postcards, which are created almost daily, are sent as a form of greeting from the momentary (life) ‘point of view’ of the artist. By regularly receiving the cards, a kind of protocol of her life is created, on refrigerators, on bookshelves or on window sills. They are different from pictures, to be viewed from the front and back and are intended more as a temporary company in everyday life than a monumental pictorial work treated with silk gloves.

An insight into my life and the world around me

With my postcards, as with my expansive installations, I intervene in the space, in this case in the private sphere, in the intimacy of the household, with the direct confrontation with my experiences. The format of the postcard underlines the suspenseful but never decisive of my work and opens up the space for a narrative, often humorous component.

Space and narrative are important components in my paintings. Every work is started anew on its ground and occasion. With a variety of techniques and materials, I give the expression I want to bring its own tone.

The transience of my memories and the change of these by the passage of time is highlighted by the fusion of natural and artificial forms and materials and underlined by the format of the postcard. It is no coincidence that in my works one often finds fantastic landscapes and ideas of possible places as well as at the same time movement and the associated change of point of view at the border between inside and outside, between the ego and the other. The boundaries between work and context and art and life are permeable. An inside and outside of my artwork cannot be separated. Not the surrounding landscape as it is, but the diversity of my experiences and experiences that I draw from my environment, my life become the subject of my artistic exploration.



Travelling and the spatial change of the centre of my life are important sources of inspiration and inspiration for form-finding, but in addition to the formal-artistic approaches, the personal dimension is also important to me. Starting with postcards from vacation, I quickly realized that there are other pictures that I want to see and share. Life in big cities, plants that find their way through concrete, people who bring streets to life and skies that draw moods with their colorfulness, as well as current headlines and events are motivating. The circumstances of my life are just as much in the foreground as material and technology. I am constantly finding new ways to put a feeling or a memory on paper. It is painted, sewn, woven, glued, folded, sealed on high-quality or found documents. From the experiences of travelling, of changing places, of encountering new landscapes and strangers, in the awareness of my own strangeness and distance, I can find suggestions and impulses for the further development of my work. Not only the materials are different, but also the colors and the languages.



The location is to be taken away, an experience experienced here becomes a place that can be experienced there. A wanderlust that goes beyond the worldly boundaries is to be satisfied.

Die Welt wird nass


This series of cards is united by the shared receiver to which they were once sent. Sometimes they come in the form of serial works, other times they are individual pieces, always unique, addressed, stamped and sent. There is no possibility to choose pictures. The photos of the cards are kindly provided by a recipient and I no longer own them. With Get your Sequence, you receive a unique pattern of images that remains undetermined until the end, like life itself.

Get YOUR Sequence

Get your Sequence comes in different versions from the Classic with twelve cards a year, but also the Small with four, or the Deluxe edition with 52 cards. Choose yours.

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