Get your Sequence
With Get your sequence you regularly receive an individually designed postcard in your mailbox, each a unique piece. Here is a selection of cards sent.
Get your Sequence
Series and editions
In her serial works, the artist creates similar motifs or breaks up larger works into newly assembled smaller parts.
Katharina Stumm's installations are created on site and incorporate light, shadow, and delicate drafts of air, as well as architectural features and peculiarities created and emerging through use.

Art that connects

With Get your sequence you regularly receive artwork in the form of postcards sent to your home. The artist translates her experiences, insights, sensations into art in the format 10.5 x 14.8 cm. These unique pieces are a documentation of Katharina Stumm’s life, if you want to say so, a kind of analog Instagram. The artworks inspire, surprise, bring joy, make you dream and think.

Katharina Stumm, independent artist

Sometimes the center of her life is in Berlin, London or the mega-metropolis of Cairo, sometimes she lives in a solitary house on the coast of the Algarve.

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