Discipline;Strength – exhibited in the rooms of the BartumeusArt studio shows a selection of handmade silkscreens. The further manually processed paper follows the disciplined movements of the motif-giving athletes by bending and folding and thereby imitates them.

The artist discovered the pictures in an illustrated book on sports gymnastics from the 1960s in the Sowjet Union. The selected cutouts are printed in black and white silkscreens in large format. The translation of the photographed two-dimensional figures into three-dimensional objects is achieved by deliberate folding and the removal and separation of selected parts.

The persistent movements of the depicted sportswomen become physical again through the different interventions in the formats and the collage-like structures and noticeably gain in strength and concentration.

Single or repeating folds give the prints an abstraction in which the movement of the paper prevails over the originally image.

The folded paper, with its self-contained motifs that open up a different, sometimes peculiar perspective through the changes, become upon closer inspection a realistic interpretation of sports gymnastics.

The silkscreens are an edition of eight. The further processing is handmade for each print.

This project was supported by a scholarship program Junge Kunst und neue Wege by Freistaat Bayern

Fotos by Alfonso Vidal-Quadras