Schere, Stein, Papier

Katharina Stumm carves new passageways into existing spaces, draws fragile, new walls out of paper. This construction, which was created specifically for the rooms of the Kleine Altstadt Galerie in cooperation with the Outer Circle, twists the space it occupies by destabilizing the orienting dichotomies of above and below, front and back.


Founded in Dachau, Outer Circle engages with visual language in the abstract as well as in the formal. The focus is on the promotion of art in public space, as well as the creation of exhibitions and artistic exchange. In collaboration with the artist Katharina Stumm, they jointly develop a game on different levels.


On thermal paper rolls with drawings of the Outer Circle team, columns are placed in the room. The drawings continue both on the ceiling and on the floor in the rolls. Graffiti that creeps into the last corners. Like groups of people waiting for something, the pillars stand in the room.