Katharina Stumm, independend artist

Katharina Stumm is a traveling artist. She studied art in Munich and Cairo, gaining experience in various media and techniques, including diverse printing techniques and weaving and knotting. Now her work is mainly focused on personalized postcards and installation work.

Abbildung Carte Blanche Installation

Katharina Stumm (*1987 in Munich) studied painting in the classes of Thomas Scheibitz, Pia Fries, Melanie Gilligan and Gregor Hildebrandt at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and graduated in 2019. Stumm further expanded her repertoire with stays abroad at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts 2016 in Nabeul (Tunisia) with a focus on ceramics and at Helwan University 2017 in Cairo with a focus on textiles and weaving. She has had exhibitions in Berlin, Munich, Pilsen, Tokyo, among others.



In regular intervals Katharina Stumm shifts her center of life. Sometimes she lives and works in the mega-metropolis of Cairo, gathers impressions from crowded streets and collapsing architecture, and then takes a deep breath in the Algarve. During long walks along the coast, she collects and sorts things out so as to regain her strength for a summer in Berlin, a winter in Barcelona, a few months in Athens, Tokyo or London.

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Art and everything that comes after


A life as an artist; it is not like I had a an idea of what is was to look like. As it shapes itself, I recognize, more and more precisely, what makes it. It is not only the artistic work that signifies or determines it. Paul Klee says it very beautifully: “The main thing now is not to paint precocious things, but to be or to become a human being. The art of mastering life is the basic condition for all further expressions, be it paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or music. Not only to master life in practice, but to tangibly shape it inwardly and to occupy as developed a point as possible in the process.”


So I try to look at and treat my life itself as a work of art, actively intervene and shape it again and again. This project I translate with my mail art into postcard-sized images and share it with pleasure with those interested.

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Junge Kunst und neue Wege


Neustart Kultur des BBK





HomeEmotion, Athens


Residency Maldita Estampa, Barcelona


Residency Studio Sacr, Cairo

2013 – 2019

Academie of fine arts, Munich


2018 – 2019

in class of

Gregor Hildebrandt, Diplom

2014 – 2018

Pia Fries

2013 – 2014

Thomas Scheibitz


Helwan University, Faculty of arts education, Cairo, Egypt


Institut Supérieur des beaux-artes, Nabuel, Tunisia

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