The Sense of movement

From the book “The Sense of movement – When artists Travel” I took the liberty, as a travelling artist myself, to cut out pictures and give them my own touch.



The view through a window always provides a picture. But if you look closely, there are several. You see what is behind the pane, as well as the reflection of what is opposite, the light that shines in different intensities and the shadows that are refracted through the glass.

Special Editions

A yellow linoleum print on a blue landscape

Once Katharina Stumm has your address in her address book, you are sometimes surprised with a card out of the blue.


In her serial works, Katharina Stumm creates similiar motivs or breaks up larger works into newly assembled smaller works

Schere, Stein, Papier

Katharina Stumm carves new passageways into existing spaces, draws fragile, new walls out of paper. This construction, which was created specifically for the rooms of the Kleine Altstadt Galerie in cooperation with the Outer Circle, twists the space it occupies by destabilizing the orienting dichotomies of above and below, front and back.

Die Welt nun

In a room there is a small room and in the small room there is an even smaller one. You can look and walk through the walls, or take the almost labyrintic path. Photos hang distributed on paper strips that form the walls, for which there seems to be no outside or inside, but which invite you to take a closer look. The world now. Photos taken by Elena Hofmeister during her one-year stay in China hang in the Galerie Au in Munich. Different worlds that Katharina Stumm brings together sensitively.


In a room that screams with time past, the artist has traced the very silent passage of time through light and shadow. She has followed the wandering shadow with paper strips and has woven a cloth that then, hung, creates its own dance with light and shadow.

Der Himmel der gleiche

Abbildung Der Himmel der gleiche

Der Himmel der Gleiche is a continuing series, again and again the artist returns to this theme. At moments a clear line contains the horizon, at others the blue of the sky pours over the whole sheet.

Carte Blanche

Abbildung Carte Blanche Installation

With the installation Get your Sequence Katharina Stumm presents her diploma exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, class of Gregor Hildebrandt. The expansive paper work spans from the ceiling as a woven open space. The different heights of the fragile walls blowing in the wind open ephemeral accessways. On an adjacent bench are five books representing an archive of over 1000 postcards sent by the artist to friends and acquaintances in the period from April 27, 2015 to July 7, 2019.

Mediterranean to modern

From a book about architecture of the 50s in California, “Meditarranean to modern”, the motifs are selected and extracted. While dreaming of the beautiful places, the Mediterranean can be brought to California and yet the places are always to be seen differently, is not the place, the architecture decisive. Katharina Stumm intervened, made trips and in the end packed the spatial into a portable two dimensional image.
It remains the idea of architecture, the idea of space but as in a dream, slightly changed, a skepticism about reality arises, how bewitched it feels